Just some tools I wrote. I don’t test my tools too much, if a bug occours I fix it! If you find one or more bugs or if you simply have some suggestions/criticisms/etcetc feel free to contact me.

– Snippet Detector: an IDA Python scripts project for snippets detection. Learn more about it at GitHub page.

Ollydb Sequential Dumper plugin. A plugin able to automatically trace and dump new accessed blocks of memory. Very handy in case you need fast raw dump of protected malware. Learn more on my blog post.

– Resolve DLL export address. An idc script able to recognize a dll export address. Learn more about this reading my blog post here.

Base64 Decoder/Encoder. Just another Base64 tool able to decode/encode text or files.
Download it from here

WhatsApp Backup Inspector. Extract chat session, contact list, and some more things related to WhatsApp from an Iphone backup.
Download it from here

DexInspector. A .dex analyzer
Download it from here

Ida Reveal Imports plugin. A plugin able to resolve unknown addresses from a dumped file. Download it from here

Compare VMware snapshots. A string comparison of VMware snapshots tool. Download it from here

Windbg “dt” output converter. It tries to convert Windbg dt’s output into a struct definition. Download it from here

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