17 comments on “How to clear chat history on facebook

  1. Thank you so very much for your post on clearing FB chat. Easy to follow, and worked. I’m feeling a little 1984-ish…..

  2. Thanks for this post. Works like a dream for me! I gave the cheat to my buddy in the u.k. though and he claims he can’t get it to work…is that possible? Also, can you think of any reason why people can no longer upload pictures from their computer and send them via FB message? Ever since the Oct. 6 changes, I haven’t been able to send photos and I know other people are having the same problem. Thought maybe it was a problem with Vista but tried to upload from a computer that had Windows XP and same problem…weird…Thanks again for the cheat though. Fab!

    • if you can’t do this then try that :-
      1. Click in ur inbox.
      2. Right click in ur friend message (that friend massage u want to delete) open it in new tab.
      3. Now click on actions . you see that on right top corner.
      4. then click on delete message .
      5. select the message and click on delete.
      so done.

  3. can we do the same thing for a group chat also?
    but here the case is for the id, there is a name, because the group has an email address. the email user name is there as the id.
    so pleas help me

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  5. This specific posting How to clear chat history on facebook My infected computer, has genuinely wonderful info and I
    actually learned exactly what I was basically browsing for.

    Thank you.

  6. In addition to the uid there are other continuous numbers too. should they be used as well? eg.:&set=a.429248057116.214587.561602116&type=1&source=11

  7. Very interesting but I am stuck too. How do I delete a message I have put on a friend`s face book page? It looks a bit boring now. Any ideas please?

  8. Go to the Message section (2 step right side of Home button on FB page top side). Right Click on the Chat history which you want to delete and open in new page. Select Action on Top of the FB Page. Select delete conversation or delete chat whatever U desire.

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