5 comments on “Phishing Rapidshare’s premium account

  1. nice work i was sorprendent
    im have premium, i know reverse engening and know the work here xposed, if wana redact some to publish in rapidshare support is welcomed in my toppic blog
    i was to write some in my blog now
    see ya
    Apuromafo CLS, i was finded you thx to the

    solution of HMX0101 on crackmes.de

    nice work

    have too others bugs as cookie poison or similar for little time (the cookie valid is sended to some server on rapidshare) but the cookie as hotmail can see the files on the account that xplote some work..

  2. if have 2 navegators can bypass the phishing place

    1navegator take the true link (navegator whithouts cookies)and the other firefox or normal with cookies, can be used the original link that was taken..

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