10 comments on “HP printer and cpu at 100%

  1. this is very very good post about a very very large bug in svchost.exe. I had and have similar problem but now I know What IS that damny problem.

    Thank you very very much & Good lock at any time ;).

  2. Thanks so much.

    It´s very difficult understand what happen with companies like HP. They would be solve the problem and communicate to everybody. What can do people with a basic acknowledgments on computers, with the computer only working for HP errors.

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  4. Great post about this bug in the svchost.exe. My laptop cpu’s been at 100% ever since I got a c4380. Seems no permanent cure has been found. Were you able to get to the bottom of this?

  5. Go to “Start” then “Run” type services.msc and press enter. Look for HP Network Devices Support” double click and change startup type to Manual.
    Apply and close, then restart.

    Hope this helps,
    The Abacus Group

  6. Tequila: Jim’s procedure will help you to avoid the problem, but it would be better to see a fix by HP developers. They know, but seems like they don’t want to fix it…
    I’ll try to take a deeper look at the problem later.

  7. Hi,

    I encountered the same problem with the brand new C7280. The problem on my computer looks similar, except for the fact that it does not eat up all my processing speed, but “just” uses 30% of my CPU every 5 seconds or so.

    If you start up the HP solution center, the CPU load will rise as well.

    I suspect that the HP solution Center actually needs this service, otherwise it can’t locate the printer (as I found out). The question is: do you really need the Solution Center software? No, if you only want to print.


  8. It’s true that you need the service, but only at boot or if you add a new printer. It’s purpose is to look for any new printers added to your network. I just open up Windows Task Manager after every boot and kill that svchost.exe process. All the printers that were up and running during boot will be accessable.

    HP should be ashamed of themselves for leaving a bug like this around for years. It’s mentioned on several discussions on HP’s website, yet still HP hasn’t fixed it.

    I just found this alleged fix, but haven’t tried it:


    Since my workaround seems to meet my needs and since I only reboot this particular computer once a month or less, it’s not a big deal for me to just kill that process after every boot. If you reboot more frequently, maybe it’s worth your trouble to install this fix. Please post your results…


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