5 comments on “Windbg “dt” output converter

  1. Some things to look out for are:
    * unions, which you can detect by checking whether two structure “members” are listed at the same offset:
    +0x000 InLoadOrderLinks : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x008 InMemoryOrderLinks : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x010 InInitializationOrderLinks : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x018 DllBase : Ptr32 Void
    +0x01c EntryPoint : Ptr32 Void
    +0x020 SizeOfImage : Uint4B
    +0x024 FullDllName : _UNICODE_STRING
    +0x02c BaseDllName : _UNICODE_STRING
    +0x034 Flags : Uint4B
    +0x038 LoadCount : Uint2B
    +0x03a TlsIndex : Uint2B
    union {
    +0x03c HashLinks : _LIST_ENTRY

    +0x03c SectionPointer : Ptr32 Void
    +0x040 CheckSum : Uint4B
    +0x044 TimeDateStamp : Uint4B

    +0x044 LoadedImports : Ptr32 Void
    +0x048 EntryPointActivationContext : Ptr32 Void
    +0x04c PatchInformation : Ptr32 Void

    * padding/alignment, which WinDbg sometimes doesn’t show:

    lkd> dt _PEB_LDR_DATA
    +0x000 Length : Uint4B
    +0x004 Initialized : UChar
    —> 3 bytes of padding/alignment
    +0x008 SsHandle : Ptr32 Void
    +0x00c InLoadOrderModuleList : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x014 InMemoryOrderModuleList : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x01c InInitializationOrderModuleList : _LIST_ENTRY
    +0x024 EntryInProgress : Ptr32 Void

    Though the latter may be a non-issue if you’re trying to rebuild C structures, as the compiler should align these structures correctly anyway.
    In my case, I was writing some Python code to parse these kinds of structures where it turned out to be a bit of an issue at first.

  2. Hi Kasperle.
    Union is supported, here is a snapshot of _LDR_DATA_TABLE_ENTRY converted structure:

    USHORT TlsIndex; // 0x03a
    union {
    LIST_ENTRY HashLinks; // 0x03c
    PVOID SectionPointer; // 0x03c
    ULONG CheckSum; // 0x040
    union {
    ULONG TimeDateStamp; // 0x044
    PVOID LoadedImports; // 0x044
    PVOID EntryPointActivationContext; // 0x048

    >padding/alignment, which WinDbg sometimes doesn’t show
    Yes, this is something to look out for sure.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

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