6 comments on “F-Secure Reverse Engineering Challenge 2007 solution

  1. I am not sure you really have several solutions for level3. I found only one.

    Unfortunately, I missed the start of the challenge because it seems that f-secure’s RSS feed only updates once a day :-(

  2. Yes, there are many solutions because: serial[2] ^ serial[8] = 0×53

    I used “SacjTzf40H3vvH9q”, you can try switching serial[2] with serial[8]. The result is the same. You can find more than 1 solution.

    Don’t know about RSS feed…

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  4. Hi Zairon, I have some doubts, could you kindly send me an email so that I can return with the details. I got stuck in such a complicated issue that I would rather explain it in another place. Thanks! Aldrey.

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